Intelligent Communication with SMS-Track

Perform surveys and polls with our 2-way SMS / Text message survey tool. Quick and easy with above 90% response rate!

SMS-Track is a full featured service for SMS surveys / Text Message Surveys. Never worry about the technology, focus on your questionarie and let SMS-Track take care of the rest. The SMS-Track Survey method has proven to be much more effective than traditional methods, with exceptionally high response rates – often 90% or higher.

Our SMS / Text Surveys can be integrated with our advanced Web Surveys, providing you both of both worlds in a single solution.

Whether you are planning a large research study or just need a quick SMS Questionnaire, SMS-Track is up for the task!

Create Survey

All you need is your questions and respondents. Create a new SMS-Track Survey within minutes and add respondents continuously. If your research project is advanced we will set it up for you.

Collect Data

Monitor incoming answers in real-time, a reply is available within seconds. A suite of SMS-Track tools help you easily manage large sets of data and clean incoming answers while always logging any changes.

Present Results

Present your surveys visually with a set of predefined graphs. You can also create your own user defined reports with all the information you need, and easily export your data to your own data analysis software.


SMS-Track is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that makes it possible to gather information from your respondents via text messaging (SMS Survey / Text Message Survey). Today, almost everyone has a cell phone, making it possible for most to receive and read text messages. Questions received on a cell phone, are more often read and answered, than those received by post or e-mail. 

SMS-Track lets you perform quick, one time surveys or daily/weekly/monthly recurring surveys and provides a rule engine to let you define next questions based on a previous response. 

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Our customers says

“At Niels Brock we have been using SMS-Track for a couple of years with great success. We use SMS-Track on a regular basis to evaluate student outcome of our courses. The system is user friendly and its flexibility makes it easy to adjust for our purpose. Results are presented online in a graphic interface and can immidiately be used by high level managers and Niels Brocks Board of Directors. We always get good support from the team behind SMS-track – both by mail and on the phone.”

Steffen Herskind, Head of the IT department, Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College

    Use Cases

    Some key areas where text message based data gathering is useful are:

    • General Polls and Questionnaires
    • Scientific Research Studies with large populations
    • Patient Follow-up Studies
    • Educational Satisfaction Evaluation
    • Workplace Evaluation
    • HR Dipstick Surveys
    • Retail Market Surveys
    • Notifications and Reminders
    • Call center customer satisfaction surveys

    Cloud Service

    SMS-Track is a hosted cloud solution which provides you online access to a web based interface. You can access SMS-Track, your text message surveys and questionaries at anytime from anywhere. We are integrated with SMS providers worldwide and support incoming text messages in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. If you need support for a specific country, which is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us. 


    Data is hosted at a BFIH certified data center. The BFIH certification ensures that the hosting company meets the ISO 27002 standards for data centers along with other strict requirements. The certificate is issued for one year at a time, which ensures continuous control.

    We fully support the european General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) providing you the highest security for your respondents sensitive data.